Kalman Seinfeld Bio: Wife, Cause Of Death, Age, Children, Net Worth

Meet Kalman Seinfeld, a fascinating individual with a life story worth exploring. In this brief biography, we’ll delve into key aspects of Kalman Seinfeld’s life, including details about his wife, cause of death, age, children, and net worth. Let’s uncover the story behind this remarkable individual.

Kalman Seinfeld’s life was marked by various milestones and achievements, but perhaps one of the most significant aspects was his relationship with his wife. We’ll learn about the love and companionship they shared, shedding light on the bond that defined much of Kalman’s life.

Tragically, Kalman Seinfeld’s life was cut short, and we’ll explore the circumstances surrounding his untimely death. Despite the sadness of his passing, we’ll celebrate the memories and legacies he left behind, reflecting on the impact he had on those around him.

IKI Facts & About Data

IKI Facts & About Data

Kalman Seinfeld (born October 20, 1918) was a renowned celebrity father. Celebrated as a prominent figure in the entertainment world, he was most notably recognized as the father of the legendary comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. 

Full Name:Kalman Seinfeld
Born:20 October 1918 (age 67 years old)
Place of Birth:New York, United States
Died:1985 (age 67 years), Florida, United States
Height:1.62 m
Parents:Mr. & Mrs. Seinfeld
Spouse:Betty Seinfeld (m. ?–1985)
Girlfriend • Partner:N/A
Children:Jerry Seinfeld, Carolyn Liebling
Net Worth:$500,000 (USD)

Early Life & Education

Kalman Seinfeld, an American citizen, was born on October 20, 1918, in New York, United States. As a Libra, he is thought to possess qualities of balance and harmony. 

While little is known about his parents, they may be referred to as Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld. Unfortunately, details about Kalman Seinfeld‘s siblings or educational background remain undisclosed.


Kálmán Seinfeld was more than just a successful entrepreneur—he was the proud owner of the upscale Seinfeld boutique. But what sets him apart is his family tie to none other than the comedy legend, Jerry Seinfeld. You know, the guy who practically redefined sitcoms with his iconic show “Seinfeld“? Yep, that’s Kálmán‘s son.

Jerry‘s comedic genius isn’t just confined to the small screen; he’s also known for his stand-up routines, especially his knack for observing the absurdities of everyday life. Comedy Central ranked him as the 12th-greatest stand-up comedian back in 2004.

So, while Kálmán Seinfeld‘s boutique might be where he makes his mark in the business world, his connection to Jerry puts him in the spotlight.

Social Media

Kálmán Seinfeld does not have a social media account. 

Personal Life

Kalman Seinfeld and Betty Seinfeld entered into marriage, although the precise date of their union remains elusive. What’s intriguing is that Kalman and Betty experienced the challenges of growing up without parents. It was when they reached the age of forty that they decided to take the plunge into matrimony.

Their union brought forth two beloved children, Carolyn Liebling, and the renowned comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Grandchildren Sascha SeinfeldShepherd Kellen Seinfeld, and Julian Kal Seinfeld sprang from their children.

Tragically, Kalman Seinfeld‘s journey came to an end in Palm Beach, Florida, USA, in 1985. He passed away on January 31st at the age of 67. Following his passing, Kalman found his final resting place in New York City, where he was laid to rest.

Net Worth

Kalman Seinfeld had an estimated net worth of $500,000 before passing away; however, it is worth noting that his son, Jerry, has accumulated a substantial amount of wealth through his prosperous professional endeavors. Seinfeld‘s son’s estimated net worth stands impressively at a staggering $950 million.

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