Mikhaila Peterson Biography: Age, Husband Name, Networth

Have you ever seen a cool science experiment on YouTube? Or maybe a funny video about healthy eating? If so, then you might have come across Mikhaila Peterson! Mikhaila is a YouTuber and social media star who makes videos about all sorts of interesting things.

Mikhaila Peterson is a Canadian podcaster, lifestyle, and diet blogger, YouTuber, and social media influencer. She is best recognized for hosting The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast. She tackles health, cultural phenomena, politics, and other topics. She is also famous for being the daughter of Jordan Peterson, a Canadian media personality, clinical psychologist, and author.

In this article, we’ll answer that question and learn more about Mikhaila!

Mikhaila Peterson: A Canadian YouTuber

Mikhaila Peterson: A Canadian YouTuber

Mikhaila Peterson is a Canadian YouTuber who was born in 1992. She’s the daughter of a famous psychologist named Jordan Peterson. Mikhaila started her YouTube channel in 2017 and since then, she’s made lots of different videos.

What Kind of Videos Does Mikhaila Peterson Make?

Mikhaila’s videos cover a wide range of topics, but some of the most popular ones are:

  • Science experiments: Mikhaila likes to do cool science experiments and show them on her channel. These experiments can teach you about all sorts of things, from how volcanoes erupt to how slime is made!
  • Healthy eating: Mikhaila follows a special diet that helps her stay healthy. She shares recipes and tips for healthy eating in her videos.
  • Social media and life advice: Sometimes, Mikhaila talks about social media and advises her viewers.

Why Is Mikhaila Peterson So Popular?

There are a few reasons why Mikhaila Peterson’s videos are so popular:

  • They’re fun and interesting: Mikhaila’s videos are engaging and exciting to watch. She has a way of explaining things that makes them easy to understand, even for kids.
  • They’re informative: You can learn a lot from Mikhaila’s videos, whether it’s about science, healthy eating, or just life in general.
  • She’s relatable: Mikhaila is down-to-earth and easy to connect with. She talks about her own experiences and challenges, which makes her viewers feel like they can relate to her.

Mikhaila Peterson Profile

  • Real name: Mikhaila Peterson
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 4 January 1992
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Zodiac sign: Capricorn
  • Place of birth: Toronto, Canada
  • Current residence: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Height in inches: 5’8’’
  • Height in centimetres: 173
  • Weight in pounds: 128
  • Weight in kilograms: 58
  • Hair color: Blonde
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Father: Jordan Peterson
  • Mother: Tammy Roberts
  • Siblings: 1
  • Relationship status: Married
  • Partner: Jordan Fuller
  • Children: 1
  • Education: Concordia University, George Brown College
  • Continuing Education: Ryerson University
  • Profession: Social media influencer, podcaster, and blogger
  • YouTube: Mikhaila Peterson
  • Instagram: @mikhailapeterson
  • Twitter: @MikhailaFuller


Mikhaila Peterson’s journey began with personal health challenges that led her to adopt a carnivorous diet of beef, salt, and water. This diet brought remarkable improvements to her health, inspiring her to share her experience with others. She founded The Lion Diet Inc., aiming to simplify dietary choices and meet nutritional needs effectively. Mikhaila’s mission extends to helping others achieve better well-being through her dietary approach.

Personal Life

Jordan Fuller is the social media influencer’s husband. According to reports, the two began dating in early 2022. They married in June 2022 after getting engaged in March 2022.

She was previously married to Andrey Korikov, a Russian-born businessman. On July 16, 2017, the two married.

Mikhaila, on the other hand, confirmed her divorce via social media in 2021. She and her ex-husband have a daughter named Elizabeth ScarlettMikhaila Peterson gave birth to a daughter on August 6, 2017. Her age daughter is five years old.

Net Worth

According to sources, Mikhaila has accumulated an estimated net worth of around $3 million through her diverse professional endeavors. While some speculate that her father’s connections may have influenced her financial success, her occupation demonstrates that she has achieved her current standing through hard work and dedication.

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