Busycontacts Review 2024: Price, Alternatives & Features

Do you have tons of friends and family with phone numbers you need to keep track of? Maybe you’re in a school play or a soccer team and need to contact everyone easily. If so, you might be thinking about getting a program to help you organize all those contacts! There are lots of these programs out there, and one of them is called Busycontacts. But before you jump in and buy it, let’s see if Busycontacts is the right fit for you.

This article will dive into Busycontacts, including its price, some alternative programs you can check out, and what other people think about Busycontacts (that’s the review part!). By the end, you’ll be a Busycontacts whiz and know if it’s the perfect tool for keeping your contact list organized!

What Is Busycontacts?

What Is Busycontacts

Busycontacts is a program, kind of like a digital address book, made for Apple computers (also known as Macs). With Busycontacts, you can store all your friends and family’s information in one place, like their names, phone numbers, email addresses, and even birthdays! This way, whenever you need to call someone or send them an email, you can find their information quickly and easily.

How Much Does Busycontacts Cost?

Busycontacts has two different price options:

  • Individual Purchase: If you buy Busycontacts from their website, it costs $49.99. That means you pay this one price and can use Busycontacts forever on your Mac.
  • Setapp Subscription: Setapp is a service that lets you use a bunch of different Mac programs for one monthly fee, kind of like a subscription box for computer programs! Busycontacts is included in Setapp, and the subscription costs $9.99 per month. With Setapp, you can use Busycontacts and many other programs, but you’ll keep paying every month to keep using them.

So, which option is cheaper?

That depends on how long you plan on using Busycontacts. If you think you’ll only use it for a short time, then buying it outright for $49.99 might be cheaper. But if you think you’ll use it for a long time (like a year or more), then the Setapp subscription at $9.99 per month might be cheaper overall.

Are There Any Free Alternatives to Busycontacts?

There are a few free programs that work similarly to Busycontacts for Macs. Here are a couple of options:

  • Apple Contacts: This is the program that already comes pre-installed on your Mac. It’s a basic address book that lets you store names, phone numbers, and email addresses. While it’s not as fancy as Busycontacts, it might be enough for someone who just needs a simple way to keep track of a few contacts.
  • Free Alternatives: There are also some free third-party programs available that offer similar features to Busycontacts. These can be a good option if you’re on a tight budget, but it’s important to choose these programs carefully because some free software might not be as safe or reliable as paid options.

Features of BusyContacts

BusyContacts has some neat features that can help you keep your friends organized:

  • Add All Sorts of Info: As we said before, you can add tons of information to each contact’s profile. Names, numbers, emails, birthdays, pictures – it’s all there!
  • Two Ways to See Your Contacts: BusyContacts lets you view your friends in two different ways. You can see them in a list format, like a phone book, or in a card format with bigger pictures and more details. Just pick the way that works best for you!
  • Tag Your Friends: Imagine sticking little labels on your friends in real life. Well, BusyContacts lets you do something similar electronically! You can add “tags” to your friends’ profiles, like “Soccer Team” or “School Buddies.” This way, you can easily find all your soccer teammates or school friends when you need to contact them.

What Do People Think About Busycontacts?

Here’s the review part! People who like Busycontacts say that it’s easy to use and helps them keep all their contacts organized in one place. They also like that it has features like birthday reminders and the ability to add pictures to contacts.

However, some people say that Busycontacts is a little expensive, especially since there are some free alternatives available. Others say that they wish Busycontacts had a few more features, such as the ability to sync contacts with other devices (like your phone).

Overall, Busycontacts seems like a good program for people who want a simple and easy-to-use way to keep track of their contacts on their Mac. However, there are some free alternatives available, and Busycontacts might be a bit pricey for some people.

FAQs – Busycontacts

Is BusyContacts Safe to USE? 

Yes, BusyContacts is 100% safe to use on your PC, as we have downloaded, installed, and tested this application on the Mac operating system and found it safe. We haven’t found any malware or virus in this software.

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