Best Websites To Watch Anime For Free in 2024

Are you an anime enthusiast searching for the perfect platform to watch your favorite shows for free? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best websites where you can stream anime to your heart’s content. From classic series to the latest releases, these platforms offer a diverse selection of anime titles to cater to every taste. Let’s explore the top 10 websites to watch anime online.

Best Websites To Watch Anime For Free in 2024

Here we have listed all the websites that allow you to watch anime for free without any subscription. So, let’s take a look.

1. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is a leading destination for anime fans, offering a vast library of titles ranging from popular classics to exclusive releases. With its user-friendly interface and high-quality streaming, Crunchyroll provides an immersive anime-watching experience.

2. Funimation


Funimation is another top choice for anime enthusiasts, known for its extensive collection of dubbed and subtitled anime series and movies. From action-packed adventures to heartwarming dramas, Funimation offers something for everyone.

3. Netflix

Netflix to watch anime

Netflix, a household name in streaming entertainment, also features a wide range of anime titles in its catalog. With its easy-to-navigate interface and convenient streaming options, Netflix is a popular choice for anime lovers worldwide.

4. Hulu

Hulu Website to watch anime

Hulu boasts a diverse selection of anime series and movies, catering to the preferences of discerning viewers. Whether you’re a fan of shonen, shojo, or slice-of-life anime, Hulu has you covered with its extensive library of titles.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Amazom prime video

Amazon Prime Video offers a growing collection of anime content, including both popular series and hidden gems. With its seamless streaming experience and exclusive titles, Amazon Prime Video is a must-visit for anime aficionados.

6. Crave

Crave website to watch anime

Crave is a Canadian streaming platform that features a variety of anime titles alongside its extensive catalog of movies and TV shows. With its user-friendly interface and HD streaming quality, Crave provides a premium anime-watching experience.

7. VRV


VRV is a unique streaming service that curates content from various channels, including Crunchyroll and Funimation. With its diverse lineup of anime series and exclusive collaborations, VRV offers an unparalleled anime-watching experience for fans.

8. Tubi

Tubi website to watch anime

Tubi is a free streaming platform that offers a selection of anime titles alongside its vast library of movies and TV shows. With no subscription required, Tubi provides an accessible option for anime fans to enjoy their favorite series.

9. AnimeLab

AnimeLab website to watch anime

AnimeLab is an Australian-based streaming service dedicated to anime content, offering a wide range of titles for viewers to explore. With its user-friendly interface and simulcast options, AnimeLab is a popular choice among anime enthusiasts.

10. GoGoAnime

GogoAnime website to watch anime

GoGoAnime is a popular website where anime fans can stream their favorite series and movies for free. With its extensive library of titles and easy-to-use interface, GoGoAnime is a go-to destination for anime lovers worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for classic series, the latest releases, or exclusive titles, these platforms have something for everyone. So, grab your popcorn, get cozy, and embark on an anime-watching adventure from the comfort of your own home!

Subscription Plan

Here’s a plan for all the websites.

WebsiteSubscriptionSubscription Amount (Monthly)
CrunchyrollYesFree (limited content), Premium ($7.99 – $9.99)
FunimationYesPremium ($5.99 – $9.99)
NetflixYesVaries depending on plan ($9.99 – $19.99)
HuluYesVaries depending on plan ($6.99 – $70.99)
Amazon Prime VideoYesIncluded with Prime membership ($13.99)
CraveYesVaries depending on plan ($9.99 – $29.99)
VRVYesPremium ($9.99)
TubiFreeNo subscription, supported by ads
AnimeLabYesPremium ($7.95)
GoGoAnimeFreeNo subscription, but legality and safety are questionable

Some illegal pirated websites i.e., animeflix, etc, allow you to watch anime for free but we don’t encourage you to watch from there as they can spoil your experience by showing pop-up ads.

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